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As a special member of the family, we do our best to keep our pets safe and secure at home. Unfortunately, pets can still manage to break loose from the safety of their home or yard. Having a pet who runs away is a horrible feeling. It helps to know there are resources available to assist you in the recovery of your pet. Persistance is the key to finding you lost pet.

As always, we highly recommend a collar, i.d. tag, and a microchip, an inexpensive and permanent form of identification. These things are your pets best ticket home. **Please remember, a collar without a tag is useless in helping your pet find his way home.

According to the Missing Pet Network, start your search for your missing pet by:

  • Knock on doors and talk to people in the neighborhood.
    After loosing a pet, many people walk the streets around their home and call out for their pet. People who knock on their neighbor's doors and ask if anyone has seen their pet are more likely to find him or her
  • Hand out or hang fliers with your pet's picture on them and your phone number.
    Fliers need only to have a clear photo of the animal and a telephone number that someone will answer or that is hooked to an answering machine.
  • Go to all local shelters and government agencies charged with picking up stray and lost animals and look for yourself, at least every other day.
    Calling the animal control department or shelter on the phone is only partially effective. Your pet may not yet be listed in the records at the front desk, and the way you describe your pet may not be the way a shelter describes your dog. Any animal may become dirty and/or matted very quickly. You should visit the shelter, even if your pet was wearing tags when it was lost.
  • Social Media 

Share your pet's photo and where he or she was last seen across social media so that people living in the area will be made aware. There are multiple groups on Facebook that provide owners a place to share lost or found pets:

LI, NY - Suffolk County Lost and Found Pets

Long Island Dog Parents - Rescue/Red Alert Page

Lost and Found Cats of Long Island, NY

Suffolk County NY - Lost & Found Pets

Nassau County, NY - Lost & Found Pets

Brookhaven Strays

Long Island Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found Pets Databases:
In addition to social media, there are websites where owners can report a pet as lost or found:

Lost and Found Pets of Long Island
Helping Lost Pets

Put an ad in the local paper, and in the papers in surrounding areas. Some people only look in the newspaper to locate an animal's owner. Advertising in the paper can also be important to establish you were actively looking for your pet in case someone were to claim it you meant to give it up or didn't want it .Lost your pet? Send Newsday your information at www.newsday.com/lostpets


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  • "I have my puppy for only 4 days and the doctor provided all the answers to my million questions. She was patient and kind and very loving to my pup. She diagnosed ear mites and cleaned his ears throughly. She explained everything throughly and even comforted me when I got upset about him being a little sick. I would highly recommend and will be taking Finn her from here on out. Thank you thank you thank you!!"
    by Jeanna P. on 04/06/2022
  • ""My husband and I absolutely love Three Village Veterinary Hospital! Our puppies adore Dr. Sophia, and she takes the best care of them whenever we bring them in. When our newest puppy broke her leg and had to have surgery, Dr. Sophia called us right away to check in and see how she was doing, which meant the world to us! All of the vet techs and front desk staff are also amazing! I couldn't imagine bringing our babies anywhere else.""
    Jessica K.
  • "'They have taken great care of my puppy...even when he does scary things like eating light bulbs ( metal and all). As a first time dog owner I have lots of questions and each of the vets have taken their time to answer all of my questions and concerns without ever making me feel stupid for asking. The support staff is also very knowledgeable, helpful and truly gets excited to see each of the animals that comes through the door.'"
    Joanne W
  • ""I could not be happier with my visit to Three Village Veterinary Hospital! I just recently moved to New York and have been extremely nervous in choosing a new veterinarian for my dog (he’s super stubborn and can be a real handful). I called Three Village Veterinary Hospital and right off the bat Dr. Sophia Was fantastic! She really took the time to dive into Huxley’s history with me, including his anxiousness about vet visits. Hearing Dr. Sophia ask all the right questions reassured me that Huxley was in good hands.

    Huxley came out of his appointment with a bill of clean health and a ton of new friends in the office staff, I couldn’t believe how happy he was! I am so glad that I was recommended to Three Village Veterinary Hospital and feel incredibly relieved to have found a fantastic new team that I can trust Huxley with. I HIGHLY recommend!""
    Michelle G
  • ""I would never go to another place but this one, even if I had to travel. best professional understanding point on doctors there. they opened their doors and stayed open just for me after hours. They had so much empathy & helped me make the right decision in a short time. I recieved a hand written card from them a couple of days after my visit, which made me cry. I trust them and respect all of them 100% my entire will be taken our pets theres. I cant thank them enough""
  • "We've been with TVVH for over 25 years. Could not imagine going elsewhere. In addition to their professional expertise is the consistent human element; their very real kindness and caring. Office staff, technicians and doctors all are exceptional."
    Linda B
  • "The staff and doctors are amazing. The older my Shih Tzu gets the more difficult and snappy he has become. Your doctors and staff are kind, gentle, and professional. You don't make me feel like I have a bad dog or I raised him wrong. I feel you care not just for me dog but for me (who can be a bit neurotic about my dog). Your tech staff and doctors...even the front desk staff are the best!!"
    Rebecca D
  • "I not only use Three Village Veterinary for my personal animals, but frequently recommend them to my grooming customers as well. I trust them explicitly and value their professionalism, but above all their compassion... all the doctors there are great & the fact that they put up with my MANY emergencies (& my neurosis) makes them my fav. Love you guys <3"
    Melissa V